We’ve been in business for over thirty years. In this time we have created strong relationships with all the main manufacturers and suppliers in our industry. Big brands are our big friends! You will find some of the biggest names in the industry here at Adams. By working closely with our suppliers, we negotiate the best deals for our customers. Together we all become stronger.


Established in England in 1957, Patak’s has grown to be a household brand name in the UK – with products used by professional chefs and home cooks across the world. Patak’s is the number one market leader for pastes in both catering and consumer markets. Indian cooking is dependent on the quality and freshness of the herbs and spices used. The grinding process releases aromatic oils from the spices which create the delicious flavours you can taste in Indian cuisine. Spices deteriorate very quickly so Patak’s uses the freshest spices. We put them into our products before they lose the key essential oils that provide all the flavour. These spices are then combined with other ingredients, such as chillies and coriander leaves, to create a delicate blend that gives each dish its unique taste.


Jimmy’s satay sauce (otherwise known as saté sauce meaning to satisfy) is a delicious aromatic blend of peanuts, oriental herbs and spices. This authentic Malaysian recipe has been adopted across a number of pan-Asian cuisines to provide a depth of flavour and a wonderful aroma that only Jimmy’s can provide. Saté sauce can be used as a dipping sauce and also in marinades and stir-fries to flavour various dishes such as meat, vegetables, seafood and noodles. It has been recognised by chefs and home cooks as one of the main ingredients for making the popular satay sauce and is widely used by restaurants and takeaways. Jimmy’s Saté Sauce is also the main ingredient for many Southeast Asian dishes, suitable for preparation of dips, marinades and as a base for hotpots.


Green Dragon was established in the UK in 1968. The brand represents a high degree of quality, consistency, and reliability which consumers have enjoyed for years. Thai Fragrant Rice (Jasmine) is an aromatic long grain rice grown in Thailand and consumed for many years as a premium rice in the UK. The timing of the purchase and shipment of this rice has to be carefully coordinated to guarantee maximum freshness and aroma. The popularity and reputation of this rice is increasing. Green Dragon Premium Long Grain Rice is double water polished to ensure high quality. It is easy to fry and separate giving a soft texture when cooked.


Habib has been a popular catering and consumer brand of Pakistani Basmati rice for many years. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, Habib Rice has become an integral part of Pakistani communities living in the UK. An established brand amongst the UK’s Pakistani community. Aromatic rice delicately flavoured to compliment Pakistani cuisine. Long, fluffy white grains when cooked for great presentation.


Enjoying family ties and traditions has always been at the core of the brand and what it stands for. With over 50 years of heritage, our brand has served quality atta flour for generations in the UK. The iconic chapattis are the cornerstone of the traditional South Asian diets and enjoyed by thousands of South Asian families every day. Elephant Atta is today, the most popular brand in the UK’s ethnic flour market and our chapattis are enjoyed by thousands everyday. The brand is sold in medium, self-raising, white, brown, wholemeal and chakki flour variants. Trusted by generations of home users and restaurant owners, Elephant Atta has always stood for the best in authentic Asian cuisine standing next to the mothers throughout many generations of South Asian families in UK.

stronger together with Pride Oil

Pride was established in 1974 in East London, specialising in cooking oils. Today, Pride continues to sell premium quality oils as well as an extensive range of food products for consumers, restaurants and takeaways. Pride offers an extensive range of products across a wide range of food categories, including oil, canned goods and sauces all with high quality ingredients. Pride Oils aims to be the natural choice for any business seeking reliable supplies of edible oils of the highest quality at the best possible prices.