Riverside Foods

Riverside Foods is a family owned and operated company with a personal ethos. Established in 1983, They were pioneers in the breaded and battered technology and now have over 30 years of trading experience. 20 of those fantastic years have been working with Adams Fast Foods as a partner in the food service and wholesale market.

" We are always looking out for inspiration, new products, new flavours and new coatings for our chicken "


Riverside supplies premium quality frozen chicken products throughout the UK and are committed to delivering consistent, premium quality products with a professional and personal customer service. Their products cater towards a wide variety of dietary and lifestyle preferences and requirements, whilst still maintaining a premium and quality taste.

Using the unique fortitude of Riverside, means Adams can provide our valued customers with the best products at the right price. Be a part of the team and see how Adams Fast Food Supplies can make you a part of this amazing success story.

Dietary Requirements

Gluten Free

Gluten Free Chicken Chunks

Gluten Free