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Mikado Black Sliced Olives Pouch 10×1.8kg

Juicy black olives sliced in brine. These are great for food preparation or as a complimentary snack in restaurants. Sold

Mikado Pizza Cut Pineapple Pieces Can 12x825g

Tasty cuts of pineapple canned with light syrup.

Designed for pizza toppings but can be used as an ingredient for food preparation.

Sold as a case of 12.

Each item contains 825g.

Mikado Sweetcorn Small Tins 12x340g

Sweet corn kernels in water, supplied in a tin, used with a variety of foods. Sold as a case of

Mikado Tinned Anchovy Box 10x10x50g

Fillets of anchovy in sunflower oil. Tinned in single 50g portions. Sold as a case of 100 tins or a