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90L Heavy Duty Black Bin Bag 1×200

Heavy-duty black refuse sacks without a tie handle. For commercial and general use. Images and Brands may vary. Sold as

Cotton 20 inch Mop Head Loose

Single 20-inch cotton mop head. Ideal as a replacement part with a socket end for quick insertion. Images and Brands

Daz Washing Powder Box

Daz washing powder is a specially formulated detergent to deliver outstanding cleaning results in the 1st wash. Sold as a

Deepio Powder Degreaser Box 6kg

Deepio Degreaser powder provides an easy and simple solution to quickly and efficiently remove kitchen grease. Ideal for the catering

Hard 11 inch Brush Head

The single 11-inch hard brush head, ideal as a replacement part for use in a domestic or retail environment. Images

Preema Cotton Cloth Roll Packet 800g

An 800g cotton stockinette cloth roll. Ideal for cleaning and wiping work surfaces or large surfaces within the home. Sold

Preema Disposable Hand Wet Wipe Sachet 1×100

Wet wipes that are ideal for the catering industry to hand out to customers for a quick and easy cleaning

Preema Soap Filled Pads Box 1×50

Preema soap filled pads are perfect for cutting through grease and grime. Ideal for general and catering use. Sold as

Soda Crystals Bag 6x1kg

Traditional and trusted soda crystals that have a multitude of uses. Great as a laundry aid, keeping sinks and drains

Soft 11 inch Brush Head Loose

Single 11-inch soft brush head, ideal as a replacement part for use at home or in retail. Images and Brands

Steel Mop Bucket

Heavy-Duty steel mop bucket with wringer. Great for wringing mops when cleaning floors at home or for industrial use. Images

Swift Blue CentreFeed Roll 1×6

A pack of six-blue centre feed tissue rolls. Each roll is approximately 80-85 metres in length providing a long use.