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Baking Powder Packet 3.5kg

Dry blended baking powder. Used in baking as a leavening agent. Contains a weak acid so is self-activating. Images and

Baking Soda Bucket 5kg

Sodium Bicarbonate over 99% pure. Used for various cleaning tasks and used in baking as a leavening agent. Images and

But-Mil Dip Packet 4kg

This flour dip is perfect for creating a crispy SFC coating. Images and Brands may vary. Sold as a case

Butter Ghee Can 2kg

Butter Ghee is used in cooking for guaranteed better quality and taste made from the finest butter. It is ideal

Coarse Semolina Packet 1.5kg

Purified middlings obtained by milling Durum wheat, mainly used in the making of pasta and couscous. Sold as a case

Coconut Cream Block 40x198g

Pure coconut meat with a white to pale cream in colour and solid consistency. May be used to impart a

Coconut Milk Can 24x400ml

Coconut milk is derived from the grated meat of a mature coconut. Featuring a rich taste thanks to its high

Custard Powder Bag 3kg

Easily prepare tasty custard for all your customers’ needs. Great with cakes for a delicious and sweet dessert. 1kg of

Desi Ghee Mix Can 2kg

A solid, blended fat of coarse texture with the characteristics of butter ghee. Used in catering services. Images and Brands

Desiccated Coconut Packet 4kg

The grated, dried fresh meat or kernel of a mature coconut. Desiccated so it can be used as an ingredient

Dinaclass Gravy Mix Bucket 2.5kg

A ready blended gravy mix that makes a deliciously glossy brown, savoury gravy that is a perfect addition for meaty

Garlic Puree Bucket 1kg

Garlic puree made from fresh Chinese garlic cloves which have been chopped and pureed, used in the preparation of foods.