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HB Sweet Chilli Sauce Bottle 12x700g

Thai sweet chilli sauce features a sticky reddish-orange liquid with tiny bits of chilli and garlic. The flavour is sweet

Lee Kum Kee Chilli Bean Sauce Jar 12x368g

Made from a unique blend of chillies and fermented beans. This Sichuan style chilli sauce is delicious when used as

Lee Kum Kee Chilli Garlic Sauce Jar 12x368g

A well-balanced blend of chilli and garlic, providing a savoury hot sauce for all stir-fries. Use with all meats and

Lion Very Hot Chilli Sauce Jar 2×2.27L

Lions very hot chilli sauce is extremely hot, this sauce is made with red hot chilli peppers to add fire

Olympic Chilli Sauce Bottle 1L

A red hot chilli sauce that is best for caterers and takeaways. Add a chilli kick to your food. Sold

Olympic Sweet Chilli Sauce Bottle 1L

A thick sweet sauce with a distinctive chilli flavour. Great for all fast foods. Sold as a case of 6

Vienna Gold Hot Chilli Sauce Bucket 5L

A tasty hot chilli sauce perfect for catering and takeaway businesses. Sold as a single item. Each item contains 5L.

Yeo’s Chilli Sauce Bottle 12x300ml

Featuring a robust flavour, this hot chilli sauce is perfect for the kitchen and table. It adds a touch of

Yeo’s Garlic Chilli Sauce Bottle 12x300ml

Combining the robust zest of hot chillies, this sauce makes for a tasty addition. Sold as a case of 12

Yeo’s Sweet Chilli Sauce Bottle 12x300ml

With a spicy yet delicate flavour that will add an exciting and exotic touch to almost any dish. A delight