New website launched

After much demand, our new and improved website has been launched! You are now able to browse and explore our diverse range of products. As well as subscribe to our newsletter to see our up and coming offers, and click the bell icon on the bottom right to subscribe to notifications and be the first to see our latest offers. 

If you are interested in getting details regarding the availability of products, please use the enquire section found on every product page to contact us directly. For further information. 

Over time, we are planning to launch many new features and additions to the websites based on feedback from our valued customers.

Confused where offers have gone? Not to worry. Clicking special offers will take you to the old website where offers can still be viewed. 

We will integrate the old website with our new one very soon!

We have worked very hard over the past few months to produce this website to match our high internal standards. However, there will always be some outlying bugs and glitches. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, we encourage you to email us at