Adams thanks the NHS

The events of this year has seen a dramatic change to everyone’s daily lives. The country has been put into lock-down;  cinemas, shops and gyms are shut,  mass events are  cancelled, and we’re all social distancing. 

All of these measures have been put in place to aid with containing the spread of COVID-19; with the aim of reducing the burden on our National Health Service (NHS).

From doctors to nurses, pharmacists to cleaners – key workers have been under immense pressure dealing with the outbreak of corona-virus, they’re working hard to look after the country.

But it’s not just our NHS who are working tirelessly. Essential workers are helping to continue to provide essential services during these unprecedented times.

Supermarket workers and lorry drivers are vital for keeping shelves stocked with food, council workers are emptying our bins and workers keeping our utilities running.  Takeaways and restaurants are helping to keep the nation fed for people who are not able to shop. There are millions of dedicated workers helping to keep the UK running.

Together with Avant Water we supplied 1000 bottles to NHS Bradford when they put out an urgent request for bottled water.

To show how much the country appreciates what all of these NHS staff and key workers are doing, Adams Fast Foods would like to dedicate this page to personally thank all the key workers who have kept the country running in a time of crises.